1963 Triumph Spitfire Roadster

Rare year 1 Spitfire Roadster

Straight Spitfire destined for complete restomod, combining 2 into one solid car a new direction is in play

Well a serious change in direction, front fenders have been widened 5"

Hood modified for the increased air flow through the radiator.

What comes next is RADICAL

Rear of the car is being prepared for a radical transformation, all suspension front and rear is being upgraded with mustang 2 front suspension and coil-over adjustables at all 4 corners

Removal of rear wheel drive components

The front engine configuration is being replaced with a new mid-engine transplant. The new engine is a Honda J30A4 and will be developing over 400 turbo charged Horsepower connected to a 6 speed manual transmission. The rear of the vehicle will be widened 12" and will have large intakes just behind the doors to supply cool air to the intercooler and fresh air intake, stay tuned, this will be WILD!

The engine and transaxle are located and the construction of the new frame is about to begin.

Proper alignment is absolutely critical to the, safety, handling, and performance of the vehicle. The car is widened 12" overall.