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1967 Mustang GT "S" code

After over 40 years this rare 1967 Mustang GT "S" code Fastback is being raised from the grave. The car was purchased years ago for the purpose of rebuilding a 67 Shelby GT500. The right rear quarter panel was removed along with most parts of the car. The Mustang was never wrecked, the remaining portions of the body are straight with rusty components in some areas. Currently the body is being prepared for reassembly with a High Performance 390 ci engine, 4 speed trans, and 370 gear 9" rear end.

Shell has been pressure washed

After being cleaned remaining parts are to be removed.

The search for hidden rust is under way

Internal structural members are being assembled

Inside view of structural members

Roof members started

Rear quarter panel is prepared for spot welding

Complete passenger side sheetmetal is in process

Repair to roof is under way

The repair section is fabricated and ready for installation

Repair section welded in place

New floor pans are spot welded in place

Doors and fenders temporarily installed to insure proper fit and gapping.

New GT500 rear tail light panel installed

Body is being delivered to the media blaster and will be installed on a rotisserie

Garnet blasting is completed

Body has rear brake cooling plenums installed and Raptor Bedliner has been applied to interior and entire bottom of body to reduce outside noise intrusion.

Actuating wing lifts from trunk lid.

Disc brake conversion at the rear.

Fabricated air suspension components are fitted and will be powder coated before permanent installation, the air suspension allows for easy ride height adjustments.

Coil over front suspension is installed providing adjustable ride height.

Primer 1st coat

Wheels and tire are test fit for proper clearances.

Front fenders are ready to be aligned and test installed, will be removed for finish top coat paint then permanently reinstalled.

Project sold


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