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1967 Mustang Restomod

Purchase Day Yorktown Virginia preparing for long trip back to Sarasota Florida.

This 67 was planned to be an Eleanor clone but the project was abandoned by the former owner.

The new owner has a different vision of what the mustang's look and performance will be.

The fake plastic Shelby "add ons" will be eliminated and replaced with fabricated metal modifications per his personal vision for the classic.

This mustang is a great base to start the build from with a completely rust free body.

Power will be provided by a 2019 Mustang Coyote engine spinning a 6 speed auto.

Shock towers were remove and Scotts custom mustang front suspension installed with coil-overs, rack and pinion steering, and Wilwood brakes and hubs.

Body stiffeners have been installed

Fiberglass flares and scoops have been removed and metal parts will be installed as well as new lower quarter panels.


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