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1999 Porsche Boxster

Completed Project

Day of purchase

Car did not run, storm damaged the CLU and top, pre-damage picture.

Pre-damage picture

Start of Modifications, tail light modification.

Spoiler fabrication.

Spoiler and tail light body work.

New Face design from GT3 RS

Fender flares and air intake scoop body work.

Body primed and ready for wet sanding.

First coat of base coat (OCEAN BLUE).

Another view of base coat.

Base coat and top coat, House of Kolor clear coat.

Wet sand and buffing process.

Ugly Boxster headlights replaced with custom after market units.

Turbocharger installed, because the turbo is mounted very low for these engines an oil scavenger pump must be used to return oil to the oil pan.

Porsche does not install oil pressure gauge in the Boxster so gauges have been installed to monitor oil pressure, turbo boost and fuel trim.

Brake calipers are Brembo from the factory but upgraded rotors are shown here.

New top installed with glass rear window.

Graphics added to finish the look.

Porsche upgrade wheels with 275/35-18 front tires and 315/30-18 rear tires.

The all new look.


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