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Corvette Road Upgrade Parts

Patented 1963 to 1979 Rear air bag suspension components. Air suspension replaces the old leaf spring system, improves ride and makes ride stance a simple adjustment. 80-82 is in development and will be available soon.

Installation is complete, the system can be used with a compressor for instant adjustment if desired by simply attaching air lines to the control valve supplied with the air compressor.

Brackets are pre-drilled to accommodate factory or aftermarket anti-sway bar, the anti-sway bar here is the ADDCO 7/8", if you want to keep your vet flat on corners an anti-sway bar is the answer.


This is what the condition is in your differential, your axle yoke is riding on a 3/4" spider gear shaft

The bottom axle yoke is what it looks like as installed new, the top one shows after it has been run a while, note the difference in the 2 from the "C" clip groove to the end of the splines, before long the one on the top will be worn away to the point of letting the "C" clip fall off and enter your gears, very bad.

CORVETTE ROAD Axle Yoke Load Block pictured, the stock setup is the yoke riding directly on the spider gear shaft which literally grinds the end off the axle yoke, the result is the wheels tipping in at the top and loss of the struts ability to remedy the condition. This upgrade allows the axle yoke to ride on the polished flat surface of the block eliminating the damage to the axle yoke. Grooves cut into the end of the axle yoke allow lubricant onto the contact surfaces. The CORVETTE ROAD kit includes the Axle Yoke Load Block and the replacement axle yokes that are designed to work with the axle block.

LS7 Harmonic Balancer and pulley. This pulley is mandatory if you are installing a dry sump Z06 engine in your C2 or C3 corvette

The pulley is designed to allow perfect alignment with the high mount Holley A/C pump bracket and low mount alternator bracket used to install the Z06 LS7 into the C2 and C3 corvettes


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